Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Strange Mix Of Events

This past Saturday I ventured out from behind the orange curtain to visit my friend Stephanie who lives near LA.

We started out by hitting up Ciaoti Pizza Cafe in Studio City for some lunch. They have a great variety of pizzas that are definitely not run of the mill. We went for the Buffalo Pizza - consisting of Jacks Hot Sauce for a base with real buffalo meat, onions and cheese. Neither of us had ever tried buffalo before and we were both pleasantly surprised. We also tried "The THE Salad" which was amazing. With a Coke Light on the side it a great lunch for a decent price.

Next we headed over to The Gilded Rose Manor Tea House to pick up some loose leaf tea.

I've never really been to a Tea House before so this was all new territory to me. Everything was decorated in a Victorian style which translates into flowers, lace, pink, purple and lots of delicate china like this:

We were just going to go buy some tea and leave but we got there just as they were beginning the 3.30 tea service. Since we weren't really pressed for time we decided to stay for afternoon tea. Yes, that is correct, I had afternoon tea and here is the photo to prove it:

After tea we met up with a couple of friends and headed over to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a viewing of Psycho. A local organization called Cinespia shows a different movie there every Saturday night and it's obviously very popular! Due to heavy traffic we got there around 7 and stood in a line with about 1000 other people . Unfortunately the movie sold out and left about 500 of us to improvise. We all had a good time by spreading out blankets and eating picnics outside the cemetery walls. I did have photos of this but you'll have to use your imagination because for some reason it's not letting me upload them...sorry!

All of this talk about scary movies and cemeteries reminds me of Halloween! Hmm...what should I dress up as this year?