Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Two Halloween Parties down - one to go!

Party #1 - Dead Bride
Party #2: Smurfette

Judging from these photos - I would say that blondes have more fun!

More photos to come soon...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Hawaii - The Rest of the Story (short version)

In an effort to save time, I'm going to give you the bullet points on the rest of the Hawaii trip.

Jenny and I tried to act as if we were both fine and healthy - even going out for dinner & drinks at Tiki's on Waikiki. A Jamaican lady selling jewelry did a photo shoot for us (no lie) with the Tiki statue.

And we were given the standard Orchids to decorate our hair....

That night (along with all the others) I was in bed by 9pm only to wake at 1.30 with the realization that I could not fly to Maui the next day due to pressure in my head/ears. I called my boss and cried. It was embarrassing and after he realized that I was not in jail he was sympathetic. Though I'm sure I'm going to be teased forever about getting "sick" in Hawaii...

Jenny was also feeling ill so first thing on Wednesday morning we made a trip to 'Doctors On Call'. This is me checking in:

Jenny had bad serious sinus problems (dang VOG!) and I was apparently worse off. They gave me a shot and over $100 worth of prescriptions. I spent the next couple of days trying to rest but it obviously did not work. When it came time for me to fly home I felt as though my head was going to explode then I spent all weekend in bed.

But alas, we survived everything (including almost drowning from laughing so hard when we crashed jumping into the swimming pool) and we made it home safe and sound. We made some great memories and managed to have an amazing time despite everything that happened.

I can hardly wait to see what happens on our trip back to Hawaii in March...