Saturday, February 03, 2007

Score: Nicole - 1 Men - 0

The only part that sucks about being a good friend is that you get roped into doing stuff that is not fun. It happens to all of us and we dread hearing those words "can you help me move"? Ugh. Well, today was my day to be a good friend and load up a truck heading to the East coast. Thank God there weren't any stairs...

After spending the morning packing up the Uhaul, it was time to attach the car trailer to the truck. This was, simply stated, one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed. My dear friend made this big deal about the men hooking up the trailer. Naturally, I assumed that the men would know how to do it...oh how I was mistaken! They did manage to get the truck lined up with the trailer - kudos. After that it was similar to watching a monkey do a math problem.

Now, I am in no way an expert when it comes to attaching trailers, nor am I a big "girl power" kind of person. I was, however, gifted with a fair amount of common sense. Common sense told me that two men who work corporate jobs were not going to be able to strong arm a piece of metal that is refusing to budge. Something is obviously wrong and I couldn't take it anymore - I had to intervene. I called for backup. My brother owns a construction business and is well versed when it comes to all things mechanical - including trailers - score! After explaining our situation, he was able to walk me through the steps to fix the problem and properly attach the trailer. I was a happy girl.

What I didn't realize was how emasculating that was for the guys. Fellas, is it really that big of a deal!? One of the guys brought it up a couple of times so I would love some insight here.

All this made me think of the fine line between independence and dependence. I know that I am incredibly independent - almost to a fault. Over the years I think it's almost become a bit of a defense mechanism - if you don't rely on anyone else then you will never be disappointed. How did I get to this point? And why do I see dependence on others as a sign of weakness?

Monday, January 29, 2007

George Michael Would Be Proud

Everyone knows that I have a lot of odd stories and strange things that happen to me. The event today was no exception and one that this man would probably be proud of.

This afternoon I stopped at a gas station to use the restroom. It was a unisex restroom which is disgusting but after too much coffee I didn't really have a choice. So I take note of the sign that says " if door is locked restroom is in use". The door wasn't shut all of the way so I grabbed the handle and jerked it open. What I saw next left me speechless and incredibly uncomfortable. There was a man standing in front of the mirror masturbating. What the hell!?! Who does that a.) in a public bathroom and b.) with the door unlocked! Ewh...

I was so shocked that I just mumbled out "oh, sorry", shut the restroom door and immediately left the gas station. I just have one question - what in the world was this man thinking?!