Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tag - You're It!

Over the Christmas break I was tagged by DigitalRich. This one is to come up with 5 little known things about yours truly. Enjoy...

1.) I once bought a car off of ebay from a man that, I swear, was affiliated with the mafia. The story of me flying to pick up the car and drive it home is worthy of its own post...

2.) When I was 18 I was hired as a security guard. My assignment was to kick out the homeless people who wandered into the Cokesbury building in downtown Nashville. I accepted the job but after taking a tour of the building I got cold feet and quit. Did you know that as a security guard you are expected to lay your life on the line and you don't even get pepper spray!?

3.) This one is embarrassing - when I was younger I went to see Color Me Badd in concert. Remember them? was awful.

4.) I love the smell of fresh cut wood. It takes me back to being 5 years old and moving into the new A frame house my parents built.

5.) I have been deer hunting. When I was around 16 years old I went hunting in an attempt to bond with my dad. We got all dressed up in fluorescent orange and headed out. After about an hour of freezing our butts off we saw a big buck and my dad urged me to take a shot. I did and missed, thankfully! Had I really got him I would have felt awful! That day was the beginning and ending of my hunting career. It was cold, boring and deer hunter orange isn't exactly a good color for me. ;)

Now, I have the pleasure of tagging 5 of my good friends:

Glamorous Jo
Little Redd

Have fun everyone!