Saturday, April 21, 2007

Music City USA

In just a few short hours I will be jumping on a plane bound for Nashville, TN.

This trip has kind of snuck up on me, so if I failed to tell you I was coming into town and you want to get together - give me a call!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Todays Observations

1.) I hate the dentist. You go in for a check up/cleaning and 18 x-rays later you leave feeling like you were hit in the mouth by a baseball bat. The pain continues for the next 5 hours...and that's just a precursor to whats coming up in 6 weeks. Ugh.

2.) I hate LA traffic. If you don't get through LA by 3pm you will be stuck in gridlock for hours. It once took me 3.5 hours to drive a measly 75 miles. Did I mention that my car is a 5 speed? Right.

3.) Crying is exhausting. Not to mention, it always gives me a headache. I hate getting bad phone calls and I'll leave it at that.

4.) You know you are worn out when a cute guy at the restaurant offers to buy you a nice glass of wine and you turn him down. In fact, you're kind of irritated that he's interrupting you. What is up with that!?

5.) There are thousands of songs on my Ipod but whenever I put it on shuffle it picks the same songs over and over. Word to the wise, don't ever load a book on your Ipod because the shuffle mode likes to pick on the individual chapters. Annoying.

6.) Speaking of music; is it just me or does it seem like I hear bands like Def Leopard & Journey on the radio more now vs. when they were at their peak years ago?

7.) Santa Barbara has an adorable downtown area and a surprising number of homeless people. They also have a farmers market on Tuesday afternoons - don't these people work?

8.) I've been informed that the "comments" section of my blog isn't working properly and your notes to me are disappearing. Is this happening to a lot of you? If so, drop me an email so we can figure out what's going on....

Monday, April 16, 2007

What Is This World Coming To?

I'm sure that the kids at Virginia Tech (and everyone affected by what happened today) would appreciate your prayers. What a sad day....

Blogger Template Hell

If I ever see this message again I am going to rip my hair out:

Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The element type "img" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".

Is it too much to ask for a nice/modern template that isn't being used by everyone on blogger? I decided to take a look around the web for some other options and I found some that I really liked. However, when I would try to put the code into blogger, that lovely error message would pop back up. It's enough to drive a girl insane! I hope you guys enjoy the skyline view because it's here to stay...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What Are You Thinking About?

I’ve been tagged by Digital Rich to list out my 5 most obsessive thoughts. Here they are in no particular order...

Death/Heaven: You never know when you’re going to die or how it will happen. When I do die; what will heaven be like? And eternity? The thought of it blows my mind…

Health: I’ve been spending a lot more time focusing on my overall health. I’m eating as many organic foods as possible, cutting out white flour/sugar/soda from my diet and working out every day (except Sundays). Last week the owner of the gym I go to completely reworked my routine and I’ve been in pain ever since. Must be working, right?

Family: Even though they reside 2000 miles away, they still occupy my thoughts and prayers. I’ve only seen my Godson once and whenever I get new photos you can see that he’s growing up so quick! I hate that I’m missing out on it.

Finances: Unless you are Bill Gates, I think this one is a given.

My Schedule: In my personal life I’ve never been a big “scheduler” and I always thrived on spontaneity. However, two years ago I accepted a job that required me to travel full time – I could be 20 miles away from home or in a completely different state. Enter the schedule. The good part is that I know where I will be on any given day. The bad part is that it’s beginning to creep into my personal life. Nowadays, whenever I’m asked to do something, my response is generally “I think I’m in town that day - let me check my schedule”. How snobbish is that?

Okay, No Spiders Allowed and When Pink Pigs Fly – it’s your turn to share!