Monday, February 26, 2007

A Good Run Of Bad Luck

Have you ever had a few days where it just seems like things are not going your way? Well, I'm currently on day 3 of a good run of bad luck. Check it out:

Saturday: I lost $20 while walking up the side of a mountain. Of course I couldn't have lost the $5 bill - it had to be the $20. Oh well. That couldn't put a damper on the incredible time that we had over the weekend. A cabin in the mountains with fresh snow and clean air. It doesn't get any better than that!

Sunday: When we got back from Lake Arrowhead I discovered that my windshield has a foot long crack running across it. Oh joy.

Monday: Where do I start? I nearly missed an early morning flight due to horrific traffic on the 405. Cars were stopped all the way from Orange County to LAX - argh. So I'm running incredibly late and made a last minute decision to pull out all of the liquids from my suitcase and carry on my luggage. I had a small bottle of hairspray that wouldn't fit in the zip lock bag so I just threw it in my purse.
How on earth could this little bottle of hairspray cost me $600? Let me explain. Over the course of my 90 minute flight the bottle of hairspray leaked all over my cell phone. The result is obvious - my phone is fried. I can't believe that happened.

The cherry on top is that I was supposed to call an old roommate who is in LA to set up a time/place to meet for dinner. How am I supposed to do that with no phone/no phone number? You never really realize how much you depend on those things until you don't have them anymore. When I get home tomorrow night I'm going to see if I can sync the phone to my laptop one more time but if it doesn't work out you will probably get an email from me asking for your updated information.

Lets just hope that the rest of this week goes a little smoother.