Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm Ready For My Close Up!

Did you see me on TV?! Did you see me on TV?!
I told you to keep an eye out but in case you missed it, I looked a little something like this:
and this:
Thanks to all of you that kept an eye out for us. According the the phone calls & text messages you guys sent me, I was spotted at least 7 times on programs like E!, TV Guide, VH1, Access Hollywood, etc.
Clint was able to get the hook up with free tickets to the show (which was great) but we weren't able to get into any good after parties so we just headed back to the hotel room. Here we are after our 12 hour day:
I would say that we can clean up pretty good considering this is what we looked like the day before:
I'm already looking forward to next year!