Friday, June 06, 2008

The Space Between Awe & Fear

Mother nature is amazing. I was up most of last night watching a fantastic storm take over the serene landscape that is my home. One of the best things about living in rural America is getting to witness first hand how breath taking a summer storm can be. You have no distractions of city lights, car horns, police sirens or helicopters flying overhead. I've always enjoyed a good rain, thunderstorm or lightning show. I am always in awe.

Then a tornado watch is announced. Immediately my awe turns into a healthy respect for the growing storm. It's almost fear. The temperatures have risen 10 degrees, even though it is well after dark. The winds howl and blow at a steady 30 mph - gusts are up to 50. It's only after I walk outside that I realize the rain is coming down sideways. I suddenly have visions of me in a sleeping bag curled up on the basement floor.

Fast forward 24 hours and it's now still. The winds have all but disappeared and the chorus of toads, crickets (and God knows what else) is singing into the night. I love it.